Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business Provides Exciting business educational opportunities for students. Being established in 1993 Faculty of Business has become one of the pioneer business faculties in Jordan and region.

Master of Business Administration


The Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Business at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan was established in the academic year of 1995/1996. The department offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a132-credit hour study plan, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a 33-credit hour study plan, that gives the student a choice between a thesis or comprehensive exam track.  The Department provides a full range of management courses that prepare students for specific management responsibilities. 

Our department faculty members are distinguished in their teaching capabilities and research publications and engage our students with real-world experience and expertise, encouraging them to become resilient problem solvers for today's fast-paced business climate.


Excellence in academics and research in the field of Business Administration and enhancement of competitiveness in the labor market.


Working according to high quality academic and professional standards leading to the supply of specialized scientific competencies to the labor market, in line with scientific and technological developments in the field of business administration and enhanced scientific research to achieve sustainable development in society

Strategic Goals:

  • Providing students with scientific and practical knowledge in the fields of business administration
  • Upgrading the programs in the department of business administration
  • Supporting scientific research production and other scientific activities of faculty members
  • Maintaining relationships with students and alumni
  • Enhancing community service programs