Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business Provides Exciting business educational opportunities for students. Being established in 1993 Faculty of Business has become one of the pioneer business faculties in Jordan and region.

Department of Banking and Financial Sciences


Banking and Financial Sciences is a discipline that covers a wide range of topics related to financial institutions, financial markets, investments, and the corporate world. The department of banking and financial sciences was established in the academic year 1993 / 1994. Our well-qualified faculty members have teaching, research, and professional experience in various fields of banking and finance. The Department offers a bachelor’s degree in banking and financial sciences.

Our department faculty members are distinguished in their teaching capabilities and research publications and engage our students with real-world experience and expertise, encouraging them to become resilient problem solvers for today's fast-paced business climate.


Academic and research excellence in the field of banking and finance to enhance competitiveness in the labor market.


Following high quality academic standards that contribute to preparing and qualifying expertise capable of offering development and innovation in line with the scientific and technological developments in the banking and financial sciences in order to achieve sustainable development of society.

Strategic Goals:

  • Providing students with high quality education in line with the highest international standards in the field of banking and finance.
  • Provide the society with skilled and trained students in the field of banking and finance.
  • Improve and develop student skills for proper decision making at the work place.
  • Teach students proper work ethics that help them become responsible skilled practitioners.