Faculty of Business

The Faculty of Business Provides Exciting business educational opportunities for students. Being established in 1993 Faculty of Business has become one of the pioneer business faculties in Jordan and region.

Faculty Of Business

Goals And Values


  1. Accomplishing the yearly plan for the faculty and academic departments in accordance with the methodology of periodical and continuous improvement to meet the faculty vision and mission.
  2. Developing productive governance councils in the faculty and ensuring fairness and transparency to achieve objectives efficiently and effectively.
  3. Creating new disciplines and postgraduate programs and developing study plans and outcomes in order to serve the demands of the labor market.
  4. Promoting distinguished scientific research and projects of faculty members and applying the benefits from their results in the sustainable development of society.
  5. Utilizing financial, material and human resources effectively in order to create a distinctive campus environment and effective academic and administrative leaders.
  6. Continuous improvement of student services and elevating the level of competitiveness in the labor market and activating the mechanisms for communicating with students and alumni.
  7. Strengthening social responsibility and deepening communication and partnership with various internal and external stakeholders.
  8. Applying quality assurance and accreditation standards to all faculty and academic departments’ activities and striving to earn quality assurance certificates both locally and globally.


  1. National belonging.
  2. Leadership and team work.
  3. Integrity and transparency.
  4. Justice and equal opportunities.
  5. Continuous learning.
  6. Others’ opinion respect and cultural pluralism.